Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy is a neurological process that is completed by a naturotherapist and involves retraining your brain and face muscles to work optimally. Prevention is the best defence against long term struggles associated with dysfunction, so correcting at a young age is ideal.

Myotherapy explained 

Myofunctional therapy programs are customized for adults with sleep issues, Head/TMD/Chronic pain, low energy or esthetics. Or for children to break poor oral habits, improve tongue mobility and eating challenges relating to oral restrictions,  and initiating optimal growth patterns to potentially reduce the risk or severity of sleep issues, orthodontics, pain and behavioural challenges.

Myofunctional therapy may decrease hypoxic events by 50% in adults and 62% in children. Possible life saving therapy as side effects of apneas may include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, etc.  Supporting study  

Coaching on Breathing techniques, Chewing and Swallowing may be exactly what you need to regain your energy and health!

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Myofunctional therapy St. John's NL

The process usually involves an assessment by a dental professional (aprox $180-$230), supply kit ($100) and therapy as below. Myofunctional therapy services accepted by most insurance carriers and are tax deductible

Habit Elimination Program

($250-$450) 3-5 sessions to help address and eliminate habits such as

*thumb sucking
*nail biting
*hair/object chewing

Because these habits are meant to self soothe, this approach utilizes positive reinforcement which allows your child to grow naturally out of the habit at their own will, rather than being forced by an appliance. 

 Untreated noxious or non-nutritive habits may lead to malocclusion, TMD, sleep apnea, learning and behavior challenges

Mini Myo Program

(aprox $1000) 10 sessions over 6 months. For ages 4-12 years 

A fun and fast paced program to avoid burnout or disinterest.

Change can happen remarkably fast with children, so completing exercises that develop positive growth patterns, while also eliminating negative growth pressure is critical to optimal living and preventative health.

Symptoms that would indicate necessity for myo: open mouth at rest, snoring, food aversions, speech challenges, bed wetting, drooling, chronic ear/throat infections.

*** Group programs available in order to increase access to care by reducing the cost for families.

Anxiety is not anxiety          What to look for

Sleep & Energy Program

(aprox $1500) 15 sessions. For ages 13+

This is the standard program that encompasses passive and intense exercises along with the habituation of new patterns over a year. The importance of this program is to ensure proper form and function so you breathe, eat and sleep better. 

Symptoms that would necessitate therapy are: sleep apneas, snoring, orthodontic relapse, head/TMD/neck pain, GI issues, anxiety/mood disorders and tongue/lip ties. Additional benefits are preventive in nature by reducing your risk towards chronic disease. Improved breathing and eating assist with glycemic control, blood pressure, stress, recovery and energy.

*** Group programs are available in order to increase access to care by cost sharing.

Supporting study                    Breathing with James Nestor             Sleep/Breathing/Function

TMD Program

(aprox $250) 2-3 sessions

This is a very effective therapy against TMD pain but is commonly an introductory program to myofunctional therapy as the root cause of TMD is usually based on dysfunction of the facial muscles. A full assessment will help guide you to the best care using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Tongue & Lip Tie Release Program

(aprox $300) 2-4 sessions 
This is often recommended in conjunction with a full myofunctional therapy program.
Our body has had to compensate for oral restrictions and therefore may have a series of dysfunctions that need re-education. In order to ensure the best results, stretching and strengthening the appropriate facial muscles is recommended prior to and after surgery. Treatment usually involves a multi-disciplinary approach as fascia work, palate expansion or mandibular advancement (ortho/ENT), osteopathic/chiropractic treatment may be needed. 

Laser Therapy

Completed by a naturotherapist or laser technician under the supervision of a physiotherapist. 

Decrease head and neck pain from injury, chronic overuse or poor posture by reducing inflammation and increase healing time. Call us today to find out more 757-3313

We take care of your teeth, so they will take care of you!

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