Teeth Whitening

Beauty begins from within, but who doesn’t love a little extra support?

Whiten your smile, reduce the signs of aging and enhance your natural radiance. It’s all possible when you book your cosmetic oral health through us!

Teeth Whitening

Dental Professional: High concentration sensitivity free solution to be completed immediately after your dental hygiene visit. Request your appointment today.

Medispa Whitening: High dose hydrogen peroxide solution for results you will walk away from glowing. Call 757-3312

The Smile Lab: Sensitivity free solution that can be used for boosts between dental hygiene visits, for pregnant, breast feeding women and teenagers. Visit www.thesmilelab.ca (Get your 20% off coupon when you complete your hygiene care with us)


Smiling is great for the soul, but may leave unwanted fine lines and wrinkles over time. Book your skin resurfacing, rejuvenating or hydrafacial today. Visit MediSpa for more details. 

Facial Waxing

Unwanted facial hair may prevent you from smiling, it doesn’t have to be this way. Book your facial waxing appointment Today

Rejuvenation Treatment

Oral health encompasses many aspects of overall health, make sure you reduce the burden of stress, environmental toxins and pesticides from your body so you can continue to live your healthiest, happiest life. Book your treatment Today

Monastery Oral Health - Teeth Whitening St. John's NL
We take care of your teeth, so they will take care of you!

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