How much will it cost?
There is no set cost. We follow the dental fee guide and bill per service and time required. Just like at any dental clinic. On average a cleaning is $180-$250. We can direct bill to insurance so most cleanings cost your 20% co-pay. If you have 2 insurances, we can complete the
paperwork for your second insurance claim submission.

Do you bill insurance?

Yes, we have the ability to direct bill your insurance company. We can also submit to MCP and NIHB. You will only be responsible for the portion your insurance does not pay. If you have a second insurance, you will be given the forms needed to submit for your reimbursement.

How much is whitening?
A professional whitening is $225. If you book it with a dental cleaning, you can save $50.  If you decide on whitening services by a certified technician, we only recommend The Smilelab, and  always recommend to have your teeth cleaned and assessed here first to save 20% off their services.

I have really sensitive teeth, will it hurt?

If needed to make the assessment and care more comfortable, we have 3 different forms of desensitizer to make you have the best experience possible. Keep in mind however, sensitive teeth could be a warning sign of other health issues. Having an assessment will help you determine the best way to combat sensitivity.

Is there a dentist?
There is no full time dentist at this point, but we do work closely with a dentist so you can ensure all of your dental needs are met. We can also communicate with your current dentist as needed.

What is an appointment like?
Ideally, Your first appointment will be longer than normal because a full exam is needed.  Plan for an hour and a half. We do a full oral cancer screening, assess your risk factors for disease and we record all pertinent findings of your mouth, head and neck that could give us clues into your current and future health. And of course, we offer all the regular dental hygiene services that you are familiar with.  There is essential oils, dimmed lighting and relaxing music to improve your experience.  The Hygienists here have a passion for helping clients in a very personalized fashion, so be prepared to experience a caring and compassionate appointment.

Do you use fluoride?
Fluoride has always been a regular part of dental care, and we therefore do have it available. However, we base recommendations on many individual factors, and use alternative products for cavity prevention. 

We take care of your teeth, so they will take care of you!

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